Ramata After Surgery
Ghana FlagGhana

The road to Ramata’s smile

While Ghana offers some of Africa’s most beautiful landscapes, it also suffers from a lack of adequate infrastructure, health care services and economic opportunities, resulting in some of the world’s…

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Meftehe Jafar playing in a garden
Ethiopia FlagEthiopia

The solution

Her name means “solution.” The moment Meheftehe was born, she was in desperate need of just that. Meheftehe suffered from a severe facial cleft which extended from her right eye…

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Mexico FlagMexico

A newfound confidence

As Senaida sat next to her son Virgilio, she couldn’t help but smile widely when she looked at him. Since 21-year-old Virgilio’s severe bilateral cleft lip was repaired during Operation…

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Bui Van Danh Before surgery
Vietnam FlagVietnam

A second chance to smile

Energetic and talkative, Bui loved preschool. As he bounced around the playground in his rural Vietnamese community, the 3-year-old paid no mind to his cleft lip while playing ball games…

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Enok Birimoyesu
Rwanda FlagRwanda

Enok’s path

Enok remembers being jeered, mocked, chased by packs of children and having people recoil in disgust at his cleft lip. While his memories echo the stories of thousands of Operation…

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Nazifa Sherab Before Surgery
Ethiopia FlagEthiopia

Overcoming her obstacles

Editor’s Note: As we acknowledge the emergent situation unfolding in Ethiopia, we wish for the safety and well-being of everyone in the country and hope that the situation will soon…

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