Gifts of Securities

A convenient and highly effective way to create new smiles that last a lifetime.

Please notify us when making a gift of securities (see below) so we can thank you for your gift and issue you a receipt.  Thank you.

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Why Donate Securities?

Thanks to a major tax incentive—the elimination of capital gains—you significantly increase both the size of your gift and your charitable tax credit when you donate appreciated securities instead of selling them and donating the proceeds. It’s a win-win that can make a difference of hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Looking to reinvest the proceeds of a sale of your securities? You considerably reduce your tax liability on the capital gain when you donate a portion of your publicly listed securities and sell the remainder.

These kinds of tax benefits extend to donations of shares acquired through employee stock options and flow through shares. Ask your financial advisor to show you the impact of a gift of securities. You might be amazed!

Why Operation Smile Canada?

A donation of securities to Operation Smile Canada can seem like a miracle for children born with cleft conditions and other facial differences in many of the world’s countries where resources are limited. You provide them with life-saving, transformative surgeries performed by exceptional volunteer medical professionals who give freely of their time. It’s a true partnership!

Operation Smile Canada emphasizes financial accountability and transparency, ensuring your kindness impacts more children’s lives and brings hope to their families for a brighter future.

It’s Easy To Do

Simply click the button below, fill out the Securities Transfer Form and follow the instructions.

Please Notify Us

Please notify us when making a gift of securities so we can thank you for your gift and issue you a tax receipt.

Call Paige Melvin at: 647-952-8229 or 1-844-376-4530 Ext: 124 or email us at: [email protected]  Thank you!

“Donating securities to Operation Smile is my preferred way to give because my gifts go much further than cash to help these children get the surgery they need.”

Lorne P.,
a longtime Operation Smile donor

Akekaphob Khumloy Smiling after his surgery