Get Involved

Maybe you’ve made a donation or two, maybe you’ve seen us on TV or online and you feel compelled to get involved or to do more… Well you’ve come to the right place!

Whether it is alone, with your family and friends or with your place of work, school, community club, or place of worship, we have many ways to engage and support awareness building and fundraising in your community!

Browse the different types of communities below to learn more.

Community-led Events

For individuals wanting to fundraise.

Employee Engagement & Giving

For employers looking for ways to make a difference through employee engagement and giving.


For students (elementary, high school or post secondary).

Cleft Connect Community

For those who have been personally impacted by cleft conditions.

Clubs & Associations

For members of a community group or association.

Places of Worship

For members of a faith-based organization or community.

Dr. Rodrigo Neira Operating

Medical Volunteers

For someone interested in becoming a medical volunteer.


For someone interested in joining the Operation Smile Canada team.

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Interested in something that you don't see here?

Contact us to discuss other possible community engagement opportunities or check out our Tools & Resources to see if we have what you are looking for!