Interested in a free Math Resource to keep your child’s math skills sharp?

MATH THOUGHTS – A WORD PROBLEM TREASURY is a collection of complex, multi-step, and multi-strand real world word problems. Over 80 word problems have been compiled for this book (PDF eBook format available now). They have been used primarily in a Grade 3 class, but most users have indicated that they are more suited to Grades 4-6. The fact is, depending on skill set and number sense, all of the word problems in this collection can be approached in different ways by various grade levels. Have fun with these problems. Expect and accept the challenge and the mistakes that will lead to those “A-Ha” moments when a student starts to grasp a concept.

This FREE resource is a sample of five pages from the book which is expected to be released in Spring of 2021 as part of a GLIMPSE INTO THE LIFE OF A CHILD’s support of OPERATION SMILE CANADA. With a purchase of $10, a PDF eBook with 65+ additional word problems is available now for immediate download from the Smile Shop. Any Parkfield student who presents proof of purchase of the full eBook to the GLIMPSE Team will be given a physical copy of the book.