The Power of Community

There is power in numbers, and each of you plays an important role in ensuring the delivery of safe, effective and timely care to patients with cleft conditions in the countries where we serve.

Canadians show their support in incredible ways, through a variety of giving channels.

42 partners gave gifts of stock & securities
65 partners gave the gift of a lifetime through their estate
913 partners gave through a DAF or Foundation
1,618 partners raised funds from their communities
114 corporate partners provided program funding
13,845 Smile Partners gave a monthly gift

The Next Generation of Leaders

Operation Smile recognizes the power of an engaged youth. We continue to create a more compassionate world by harnessing the strengths of the next generation. Operation Smile encourages youth to model leadership and advocacy, often times through our Smile Movement.

The GLIMPSE Kids are a group of third-grade students who learn about kindness, empathy, and leadership from their teacher, Rob Aguiar. For the last five years, they have focused on making the world a better place by hosting fundraising initiatives in support of Operation Smile. Their hard work and dedication have contributed to delivering more than 200 smiles, creating a lasting impact in the lives of our patients, while promoting kindness through their school and community here in Toronto.