Local Programs & Services

Our strategy for transformational impact is to establish long-term partnerships with hospitals and allow for the provision of more and safer care.

Hospital partners are hospitals where Operation Smile establishes a shared commitment with local medical leadership, to build the hospital’s capacity to sustainably increase access to quality care for patients with cleft conditions and other surgical and emergency conditions.

Through our hospital partnership strategy, we will co-create programs with local medical leaders to strengthen health systems and empower professionals in the front lines with the required skills and resources they need to do what they do best, which is care for their communities.

Across the countries where we work, we will ensure that surgeons and their entire surgical teams are able to provide surgical care in safe environments. We are conducting comprehensive hospital assessments in collaboration with each hospital’s leadership and staff to identify areas of need within each hospital ecosystem. These efforts will stimulate a shared commitment to sustainably invest in building the capacity of our hospital partners around the world.

Surgical Programs Plan