Longest Day of Smiles™

June 18th is a special day for Operation Smile Canada where we join you in celebrating the Longest Day of SMILES™. We want you to be part of the smile movement and help raise funds to give children with cleft conditions brand new smiles.

The Longest Day of SMILES™ is an annual smile movement where we challenge you to take action, get creative, and fundraise to spread smiles with family, friends, school mates, peers, work colleagues, pets, etc.

You can fundraise individually or with a team, create a Longest Day of SMILES™ online fundraising page, solicit family and friends, host events, commit to a fitness goal, gather your community and raise funds to help give a child living with a cleft condition a new smile.

Share whatever makes you smile, raise funds, donate, and help others to smile too!  Then celebrate your achievements on the longest day of the year, the Longest Day of SMILES™, June 18th, 2023.

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