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Alexis Ezequiel Turcios Godoy, 7 months, male, UCL, before, during screening during the Operation Smile mission at the Hospital General San Felipe in Tegucigalpa, Honduras February 18, 2016.

For National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness and Prevention Month, we’re celebrating the resilient, brave, and vibrant children and families in our care who are wishing for new smiles – and the compassionate, loving, and generous partners and volunteers who make our comprehensive cleft care possible.

As a supporter of Operation Smile, you are part of a global movement transforming the smiles and lives of children born with cleft conditions.

Health that Lasts

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality of cleft care sets us apart globally. Each child is supported by a multidisciplinary team of certified, world-class cleft experts. We treat each child as if they were our own, settling for nothing less than safe, exceptional, life-changing interventions.

Our care also extends far beyond surgical procedures. We believe in a comprehensive care continuum that addresses every aspect of a child’s well-being. From pre-surgical assessments and nutritional support to post-operative speech therapy and psychosocial services, we believe children deserve access to the best health care no matter where they are born.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Our priority is to perform safe surgery and ensure every child receives exceptional care. In some cases, that means hosting short-term medical programs in resource-limited communities. Sometimes, that means establishing ongoing local care centers that offer communities longer-term access to treatment.

While this can be challenging, we overcome these obstacles every day as we pursue the SET model of surgical care. SET (Safe, Effective and Timely) surgery means you provide a child the right treatment with the right team at the right time, no matter where they are in the world.

  • Safe Care: Exceptional safety procedures and health examinations, equipment, supplies and monitoring ensure that no patient is exposed to risk while in our care.
  • Effective Operations: Meeting or exceeding global medical standards guarantees outstanding patient outcomes on a world-class level.
  • Timely Procedures: Providing patients with surgery as soon as they are healthy and strong enough – as babies or toddlers if possible – helps children thrive. We also provide year-round services, such as speech therapy, dentistry, psychosocial care and more to continue their transformation.

Transforming Lives

The impact of Operation Smile’s highest quality care goes beyond the physical transformation of a child’s smile. Together, we’re restoring hope, confidence, and dignity to children and families who have faced significant challenges. Witnessing the joy and gratitude in the eyes of a child and the relief in the hearts of parents is a testament to the life-changing power of your support. Each success story fuels our passion to continue reaching more children and providing them with the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.

Thanks to you, children like Efren from the Philippines, Lilia from Mexico, and Dilan from Guatemala all have new smiles and bright futures.

Donors and Volunteers made this story possible. Thank you.