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Dear Borea Construction & Sharp Hill’s Team, Teofilo’s brother-in-law travelled a great distance to record a special message for you!

As one of 13 siblings, Teofilo was self-conscious and kept to himself. He left school in the 4th grade as he was bullied and didn’t leave the house often. When he did, he always covered his face with a scarf, hiding himself away. His life changed when he received his first cleft lip surgery, and his world expanded beyond his home and the limits of the scarf he wore.

Today, he goes to the market with his family in the city, not wanting to miss another moment of what life has to offer. He works in construction just like each of you. “I am very grateful for everyone that donates,” Teofilo’s mother shared. Teofilo’s transformation is extraordinary because of generous partners like YOU.

Teofilo wanted to thank you for helping children like him receive their long-awaited new smiles!

“Thank you, Borea Construction, and the Sharp Hills Team. The smiles you have helped deliver with your fundraising efforts provide joy and an opportunity for children born with a cleft condition to thrive. Kids like me, who grow up to work in construction like you and build a better world for all! Muchas Gracias from Bolvia!”

A special Thanks from Teofilo’s family.

“I am Teofilo’s brother-in-law. I know Teofilo because his sister is my wife. I have known the family for 8 years. I met Teofilo when he was a young boy.

His cleft lip was smaller when he was a child. He is one of 13 siblings and the only one born with cleft conditions. He suffered and was ashamed of going out into the city to avoid getting hurt. He was only able to complete up to the 4th grade since he suffered from bullying. As he grew up and became a teenager, his cleft lip was more noticeable, and he was more scared of meeting others. I brought him to the city, and he feared people’s reactions. After his cleft lip surgery, he feels more confident and can express himself freely.

We thank you for providing this surgery. It’s a joy for all the family. We are happy he can socialize without hiding his face, as he always used a scarf to cover his mouth. Before his surgery, he would not sit at the table and have a meal with the family. He would go to a corner to avoid people staring at him and eat alone.

Teofilo Smiling

Today, he is extremely happy and no longer afraid to go to the city. He wants to go out, make friends and explore the world.”

Thank you for being such a shining example of how we can make a difference in the world, one recycled bottle at a time. Your partnership with Operation Smile is so powerful! It allows us to unite families, patients, and global medical specialists for a common purpose – to deliver free, safe, and timely cleft surgeries and care to those in need.

Donors and Volunteers made this story possible. Thank you.