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Jhony with his parents after surgery

We are here at “The Little House” — Operation Smile Colombia’s comprehensive care centre, where children, like 5 month old Jhony, received the gift of a new smile.

Born with bi-lateral cleft lip and cleft palate, Jhony’s parents knew nothing about cleft conditions and worried if their newborn son would even survive.

Dr. Bezuhly with Jhony and his parents

Helpless and with no money, local volunteers helped Nancy and Jesus prepare Jhony for surgery. This past week, Jhony and his parents arrived to our care centre, and yesterday Dr. Michael Bezuhly met them for a pre-surgery examination and consultation.

He determined that little Jhony needed to be followed for years, and here at The Little House, Jhony will receive on going speech therapy, nutrition counselling and dentistry care.

Jhony with his parents after surgery

Thanks to our generous partners here in Canada — we can assure every parent that no child is ever left behind or forgotten after their initial surgery.

We are happy to announce that yesterday precious Jhony received a new smile and a brighter future!


Donors and Volunteers made this story possible. Thank you.