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Picture of three women volunteers at the 2022 surgical program in Morocco

Volunteering is Empathy in Action is the theme for National Volunteer Week in 2022. It affirms the strong connection between our volunteers and their continuous support to Operation Smile’s cause and the children and families we serve. This week we celebrate and thank our students, corporate and community leaders, and medical volunteers for putting empathy into action. Thank you!

picture of Women in Medicine 2022 group photo
Women in Medicine International Program, Marrakech, Morocco, March 2022

This year, over 30 Canadian medical volunteers will participate in various international programs in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The medical training, expertise and dedication of these volunteers shows up in the long hours spent screening patients, processing medical records, conducting surgeries, supporting families, and providing care to every patient – before, during and after surgery.

The essential role of global volunteers in our work was clearly evident at the inaugural Women in Medicine program held in Morocco in March 2022 where five dedicated volunteers from Canada contributed their expertise to help children in Morocco receive their new smiles.

picture of Candace Myers and Oumama Karkach
Canadian Medical Volunteer Candace Myers and Oumama Karkach, Women in Medicine International Program, Marrakech, Morocco March 2022

With over 80 volunteers from 15 countries, all with diverse specialties and backgrounds, this all women team captures what is essential to Operation Smile – the vital commitment and contribution of our volunteers to the work we do and people we heal.

Mentorship is a key cornerstone of this important initiative, and that was evident through the continuous support, respect, and admiration of our volunteers and their commitment to empowering the local volunteers, and each other.


picture of nine student fundraisers
Members of the Operation Smile Student Club at Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School in Port Coquitlam, BC.

When it comes to volunteering, hundreds of students and educators are leading by example with their participation in Operation Smile’s student programs. From the “Glimpse Team” to college and university students across the country, students have passion, energy and creativity that is boundless. By sharing the story of our work with their peers, student volunteers are creative and innovative when it comes to helping deliver new smiles and a brighter future for children with cleft conditions.


picture of five canadian volunteers in Morocco 2022
Canadian Volunteers in Marrakesh, Morocco, March 2022


Everyone can help deliver a new smile to a child. And every day, Canadians are volunteering and getting involved with us. From corporate employee groups to rotary clubs to neighbours next door, people are raising awareness and funds to help Operation Smile deliver new smiles and ongoing care to children around the world. Our volunteers continuously put empathy into action, and that makes us smile with heartfelt gratitude. Thank you.

Partners and volunteers made this story possible. Thank you.