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Precious was born in March 2019 in the eastern region of Ghana and is the youngest of five children. Her mother Charlotte said Precious’ cleft condition went undetected during her ultrasounds.

The midwife in charge of Charlotte’s delivery informed her that Precious was born with a cleft lip and palate. She was shocked because there was no family history of cleft conditions and feared for Precious’ wellbeing.

She also worried about the community’s reaction to her daughter’s appearance. Her midwife encouraged her to have hope since Precious’ cleft condition was treatable. For Charlotte, Precious’ cleft surgery and care couldn’t come soon enough.

A nurse, who was also an Operation Smile medical volunteer, referred Charlotte to Operation Smile Ghana. She was hopeful after she contacted the patient coordinator, and enrolled Precious in our nutrition program. She soon started receiving consultations and nutritional therapy which addressed Charlotte’s concerns about feeding her. Three months later, when Precious was stronger, her first surgery was scheduled. The family was relieved and happy to see Precious receive her cleft lip surgery in 2019.  In 2020, when it was safe, She had her cleft palate repaired.

Today, Precious is a happy little girl, thanks to you, who is looking forward to joining her siblings at school. She is learning how to write and is full of energy. Charlotte told us, “I have a strong hope that my daughter will grow up to become a doctor to help other people as Operation Smile does.”

Donors and Volunteers made this story possible. Thank you.