Thank you

We simply would not be where we are today without our highly skilled global volunteers and your partnership. We’re celebrating your commitment and generosity that ensure our plans to assist an additional million patients, marking a significant achievement in 2023.

The children whose lives you have transformed have expressed their gratitude and joy for YOU through these beautiful drawings.

Thank you for making futures brighter – one smile at a time.

Group of thank you cards
Card from Ariana

Ariana, 1 year from Honduras

“First, I thank God for putting angels like you in our path. Thanks to you there are many children smiling even more beautiful than they are. God Bless you enormously.”

Thiago Alejandro Orozco from Colombia writes…

“I thank Operation Smile for the unconditional support with my cleft condition. I ask God to bless you and I will keep praying for you. Kisses and hugs. I keep you in my heart.”

Card from Thiago Alejandro Orozco
Card from Emily

Emily, 8 months from Honduras

“Thank you Operation Smile for the surgery my daughter received. Emili Licet Membreno Perez. Thank you from Lempira.”

Card form Dayara

Thank you very much!

Dayara, from Colombia

Card from Dayaria

Thank you and God Bless You! Thank you for your blessing.

Dayaria, from Colombia

Your lifelong impact

Our kids will remember your kindness their whole life through.