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This week, we are happy to highlight some of our incredible volunteers. They share their time, skills, and creativity, which is essential to the well-being of our global community.  

Our committed and compassionate student volunteers spend hours organizing and hosting fundraising and awareness events, including bake sales, trivia nights, candy grams and so much more. They help to ensure that children around the world receive the safe corrective surgery and complete cleft care they need and deserve.  

With the leaderships skills gained through their fundraising and advocacy efforts, students can further build upon their learnings and competencies by attending our annual International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC) or attending a surgical program to witness their impact first-hand. 


Thank you, student volunteers, for sharing these moments with us. You play an important role in our work. Every moment you give matters to us and to the patients and families we serve. Join us in recognizing the contributions of a few of our amazing student volunteers.


Annia started an Operation Smile Club at Killarney Secondary School because she wanted to spread awareness of cleft conditions and give back to those affected. Sharing Operation Smile’s cause with her fellow students and school community has allowed her to make the difference she was striving for. Her club’s motto is ‘See Miracles in Life Everyday (SMILE),’ which beautifully captures the essence of our theme for the week – Every Moment Matters 

Killarney Secondary School students running an Operation Smile Awareness booth.

We are so grateful for every moment our student volunteers spend advocating for our patients, and for working towards raising funds for new smiles every day. Thank you, Annia, and Killarney Secondary School!  

Killarney Secondary School offers Operation Smile Club SMILE Cards.


Teen student with child patient of Operation Smile
Quinn with a patient in Asuncion, Paraguay

Quinn has been involved in our Student Program since 2021 and is currently part of the McGill University Operation Smile Club. As part of their fundraising and awareness efforts, they have successfully partnered with organizations within the community to help further spread awareness of our cause and raise even more funds for children born with cleft conditions.  

Quinn has grown her leadership skills through Operation Smile’s ISLC for the past three years, two of which as a Team Leader. Crediting these leadership skills, Quinn was selected to join Operation Smile on a medical program in Asuncion, Paraguay, where she was able to see and experience the profound impacts of the organization first-hand. 

Since her involvement, she has been a part of raising funds for over 46 life-changing cleft surgeries for children in low- and middle-income countries (and counting)! 

Female student volunteer holding an Operation Smile Canada banner
Abigail from the University of British Columbia running an Operation Smile Awareness booth.

Thank you, Quinn!




Abigail is involved with the University of British Columbia Operation Smile Club (UBC Club). The UBC Club aligns with her passion for providing support for those who lack access to prompt, safe surgical care. This Club has a shared passion, purpose, and commitment to create smiles that can light up the hearts of children today, while paving the way for countless more in the years ahead. As a Student Leader, Abigail hopes to continue to grow Operation Smile ambassadorship in her Vancouver community to increase fundraising efforts to help more patients smile.

Thank you, Abigail, for your constant support and SMILES!


Three students sitting at a table
Naomi, Anna and Amanda from Toronto French School running a holiday-themed fundraiser in support of Operation Smile.





Amanda and her fellow classmates started the Operation Smile Club at Toronto French School (TFS) in 2022 to make a positive impact in their school and community. This year, the Club has hosted several fundraisers and awareness sessions to share the work Operation Smile does and help bring more smiles to children around the world. 

The power of a smile transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, and the TFS Club is committed to creating brighter futures for people with cleft conditions regardless of their background and where they live. All people smile in the same language. 

We thank our student volunteers like Amanda for helping make that happen! 

Four students in face masks running a bake sale for Operation Smile Canada.
Gregory and students from Dalhousie University running a Bake Sale Fundraiser in support of Operation Smile Canada.





Gregory and the members of the Operation Smile Club at Dalhousie University have a goal to continue to inspire others to give to this special cause. They help provide crucial surgeries to those who lack safe and affordable access to healthcare around the world. From bake sales to awareness-building, this small group of thoughtful, committed young leaders are changing the world, one smile at a time.  

Thank you, Gregory, and the Dalhousie Club, for continuing to show that through these moments, you can make a lasting impact on the children and families we serve.

Canadian student volunteer interacting with child and mother from India before surgery
Solaya with one of our patients and their family in Jhansi, India.





Solaya has been involved with Operation Smile Student Programs for several years, first at her high school Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School, and now during her undergraduate studies at Queen’s University. Solaya has consistently helped bring her Operation Smile clubs to new heights, including helping raise over $17,000 for children born with cleft conditions in 2021 alone!  

Solaya has also been part of Operation Smile’s Global Leadership Council (GLC) for the past two years and attended ISLC as an intern. She enjoys connecting with likeminded students from all over the world to help continue to build her leadership skills and raise even more awareness for the children and families we serve.  

Solaya recently attended an Operation Smile surgical program in Jhansi, India to witness the impact she has made firsthand. As a UVoice storyteller, she captured the perspective of the patients, volunteers, and all the unique challenges and triumphs of an Operation Smile surgical program. Her passion lies with the patients and families, leading the way with love, joy, and kindness. Thank you, Solaya!  



Student volunteers like the ones featured here are fundamental to our commitment to changing the world, one smile at a time. By coming together with compassion, and increasing our collective efforts and impact, they contribute to the better quality of life we provide for the patients and families we serve.

Every moment matters – Every student volunteer matters. Thank you!  

Donors and Volunteers made this story possible. Thank you.